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If we are being honest with yourselves, we’ve all been there at some point or another:  Scrolling along on Instagram or Facebook looking through the window of someone else’s life wondering “Why don’t I have what they have?” “How does everyone else have it all figured out but me?” “How do they have such a great life?” I wish my life was like that”. And so on, and so forth. 

Do you sometimes feel you will not achieve your desired success due to lack of adequate education, necessary connections or experience? Or perhaps you are sitting in your corporate job wondering how to navigate the predominantly white space as one of only a handful people of color. I know you remember  that time you had a brilliant idea, pitched it to your manager and the manager downplayed it AND THEN Mark and Susie pitched the exact same idea and were given a trophy for being the best barnstormers of the year? Or that time you signed your first corporate contract with that one company you thought was dope until they tactfully tried to frame you and kick you off the team? Maybe you are no longer seeing eye to eye with your childhood best friend whom you thought you would grow old with and you are on a rollercoaster of emotions? 

Yep, these are all examples from our experiences—been there, done that and still learning!

But hey, the good news is, no one has it all figured out and you are not alone. We all have these thoughts and experiences—that is part of the human experience. The difference between you and the people you admire is that they have some tools, information, and discipline that perhaps you don’t. The bad news is, life is short and if you don’t take action now, you may never create that life you love.

As friends, we would often talk about your experiences in the corporate field, the challenges of being a perfect concoction that fits in many minority boxes at times—female, black, immigrant, mixed, single, and the list goes on and on. While speaking with each other, we quickly realized we had in some ways shared similar experiences and had figured out a way to navigate turbulent waters. We also acknowledged that despite being faced with many challenges, we too, had a lot of privileges—the privilege of an education and of lived experiences. And so, as the saying goes, to whom much is given, much is expected. We wanted to share our lessons with our younger selves, and with our brothers and sisters who may be facing similar challenges.

There is no such thing as a ‘mistake’ in life as each moment teaches us something, but honestly, there is also no need to reinvent the wheel when someone else has been there, made the mistakes and done that! Knowing how to navigate  spaces of career, personal growth and development would save us so much headache! Our goal -we want to make sure you are making the most of your time, feel less alone on your journey to creating a life you enjoy and not repeat some of the mistakes which many have gone through and found solutions.

There is no such thing as a ‘mistake’ in life as each moment teaches us something, but honestly, there is also no need to reinvent the wheel when someone else has been there, made the mistakes and done that!

We created this platform to share ours and others’ experiences and stories of struggles and triumph, navigating the corporate world, personal life, etc in hopes that some of the lessons and tips resonate with you along your journey.

We want to make sure that a year or two from now, you are closer to your dreams—making less ‘mistakes’, developing new tools and skills know-how to navigate various spaces be it the professional minefield or the prickly thorns of personal development.

We hope this platform provides some tools to help you THRIVE.  Whatever you think is holding you back, there is a solution. And no, you are not stuck—you are not a tree.  What changes can YOU make, starting right now to begin to live a better life? Write it down. Hold yourself accountable. Share it in the comments section below.

Keep following us, you’re going to believe in yourself and your full potential. Watch. 

With an avalanche of love and encouragement.



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