Travel in the era of COVID-19: Top 5 mistakes to avoid

You’ve heard or seen it said 100000x different ways: “COVID SUCKS; I JUST WANNA TRAVEL!” I feel you; I’m with you. International travel dropped 70% globally in 2020 (𝘔𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘦!). There is a lot of stigma around traveling during COVID, and rightfully so, as we continue to learn new things everyday about the virus & the vaccine. However, there are also safe ways to go about travel during this time, if of course your travel is essential. In reading many other Instagram posts, articles etc. on this topic, I realize that many folks who have travelled during this time share a similar advise.

Here are 5 my top five mistakes to avoid when traveling during the pandemic.

  1. Not getting COVID test in time: Most, if not all, airlines now require a negative test about 48-72hrs prior to travel. Plan ahead. For yours and everyone else’s safety, you will be rejected from flying if you do not have your test. Most locations both nationally (US) and internationally will have free testing sites—Google your options. To be on the safe side, I would suggest It’s also best to schedule an appointment rather than walk-ins.
  2. Not bringing enough personal care items: Listen, you don’t want to be borrowing masks or hand sanitizer during this time. Bring your own + some extras to last you the entire duration of your trip.
  1. Not checking flight cancellation policies: Just triple check, cuz $$$. Most airlines are issuing flight credits instead of cash refunds. If you are someone who typically gets insurance, beware of purchasing insurance during this time as many policies are not covering refunds/exchanges due to COVID-19 (Sucks, I know!)
  2. Going to overcrowded tourist locations: Avoiding crowds is definitely a wise idea. Visiting other beautiful but ‘less touristic’ places allows you to support local economies that may typically heavily rely on tourism but have likely been most affected by this pandemic due to the decline in travels globally.
  3. Country hopping: With most, if not all countries requiring negative test results before boarding, regular flight cancellations, sudden country lock downs, multi-city trips can become a logistical nightmare! Ever feel like you can never see everything there is in a country when you are on vacation? This is a great opportunity to stay in one spot & take as much as you can of that one country. You’ll likely have a richer experience that way too!
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And a bonus one,

Do think about being a good human: This pandemic has taught us we need to do better as humans, both to each other and to our earth. Now is a good time to think about sustainability. Most flights are flying at low capacity and the tourism industry is generally under-staffed and staff may equally be overworked. Be kind. When at your location, think about what you use less (Yay minimalism!) Do you really need a new towel? Or your room cleaned every day? Right.

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