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Am I ready for a Baby?

I like to call this baby readiness questions.

Speaking for myself, having a child has been incredibly rewarding, however, there are some questions I wish I had answered for myself before having a baby. Everything is working out well so far but I would have been better prepared had I pondered some of these questions. So this is my offering to you.

Personal Journey with Mental Health

We had a powerful conversation with Beny, a suicide survivor. He discussed the circumstances that led up to that moment, how he was able to get himself out, and the tools that helped him. We hope that in telling Beny’s story, it helps you identify stressors that could be leading you towards an unhealthy path and shed light on how you can build a toolbox from which to draw during tough times.

Difficult times & Mental Health: How are you taking care of yourself?

Dealing with multiple pandemics (health, race, economy) this year has left many individuals, particularly black people, drained. Many people have had to deal with both personal and communal trauma. In this podcast, we chat with mental health expert and founder of Anesis Therapy, Myra McNair of about what trauma is, its impact on various elements of our lives, and ways to address it.

Common Misconceptions of Voting

The 2020 presidential election feels particularly critical. Have you voted yet? There are many reasons why to vote. In this podcast, we talk about the misconceptions about voting and our WHY for voting. We hope this inspires you to vote come November 3rd, 2020, and importantly in other local and state elections.

Elections: Your Vote, Your Voice

A few weeks ago, I went to drop off my absentee ballot at the city-county building. I handed the elections volunteer my ballot and he said, “Oh! Oh! your ballot is not sealed. We would not be able to count your ballot if I accept it unsealed.” Your voice matters and being aware of these little errors that can erroneously invalidate your voice is equally important. Voter suppression is real, and the last thing we want is for you to accidentally suppress your own voice!

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