Am I ready for a Baby?

5 Questions to answer for yourself.

I like to call this baby readiness questions.

Speaking for myself, having a child has been incredibly rewarding, however, there are some questions I wish I had answered for myself before having a baby. Everything is working out well so far but I would have been better prepared had I pondered some of these questions. So this is my offering to you. Here are five questions to ask yourself:

Why is having a baby important to me?

 Think through why you want to have a baby? Having a baby is a long term commitment.

Am I financially ready for a baby?

Think about monthly and one-time item costs, e.g diapers, wipes, car-seat, childcare, clothing

What/ Who is my support system once the baby comes?

Think of things such as who will help the first few days and weeks so you can get sleep, take a shower, have food for you, emergencies etc. If you have a C-Section it will be incredibly helpful to have someone help you with lifting heaving things.

Am I emotionally ready to provide a healthy environment for myself and the baby?

This is useful for stressful days. If you don’t feel ready, what healing do you need to do before you embark on this parenthood journey?

Are my Partner and I in agreement about having a baby now?

This is if you are in a relationship and/or hoping this is a joint effort. It’s best to have the conversation earlier than later.


Prepare for your newborn with this checklist.

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