About us

Fourward is a  multimedia platform that serves under-represented professionals who yearn to create a life of purpose and joy. Through honest conversations and expert insights, we provide tools, tips, and resources to help equip you with tools, skills, and confidence to enjoy life’s journey.

Our individual journies have taught us one thing: As we learn, we must share. As we climb, we must lift. Being the first generation in many spaces, we’ve learned how to navigate these systems the hard way. We will offer substance, and truth as we journey through these paths less traveled.

Our team

Covering a wide range of industry and life experiences, our team speaks from lived experiences and individual truth. Learn more about each of us!

Alyssa Neblett


Financial Analyst and Wealth Management professional. Most recently working in financial planning. Creative problem solver. Loves to read, Netflix, travel, and hang out with friends and family.

Joseline Nyinawabera

MBA Candidate ‘22

Business and Marketing Strategist and owner of BlkBld & Co. a boutique marketing agency. Currently pursuing an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business. Lover of God, family, brunch, traveling and dancing.

Delphine Vakunta


International humanitarian and development professional. Currently working with the United Nations. Pan-African. Strategic thinker. Doer. Your personal cheerleader. Dance phonetic, world traveler, and lover of art in all forms.

Linda Vakunta

Ph.D., MA, CRC

Governmental and non-Governmental professional. Currently serving as an appointed official for a city government. A believer in living a balanced life, healing from one’s traumas and centering joy. Lover of dance, Pan-African music and traveling.

Our board of advisors

We are extremely grateful for our board of advisors. They have each played a key role in bringing Fourward’s vision to life.


Their strategic advice on the visualization, management, organization, and foundation of our organization is priceless.

Clementine Uwabera, Esq.


Experienced Senior Associate Attorney with over 6 years of legal expertise in handling all stages of litigation, with a proven history of managing multimillion-dollar claims and high-volume caseloads. Atty. Uwabera’s law guidance allows us to move Fourward without risk.

BlkBld & Co.

Business Consultant

BlkBld & Co. is a boutique marketing agency to helps start, build, and grow black-owned businesses using marketing and business strategy. From implementation to execution, BlkBld ensured we had the right foundation.

Paul Newby, MA

Photo Journalist

With over 25 years of experience in the field of Photojournalism, numerous awards, and accolades for his field, Paul L. Newby, II is skilled at and enjoys capturing unique moments. Paul’s eye uniquely positioned Fourward for success.

Pavel Shmelov


Passionate about inclusivity, diversity, and creating a better planet through thoughtful media, honest storytelling is at the core of every production. Pavel, owner of Oak Media House aims to share stories that matter most. Oak Media House produces our youtube videos.

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