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You shouldn't have to go on this journey alone

As an under-represented professional who seeks to create a life of purpose and joy, you should have a roadmap, mentors, and guides to reassure you’re on the right path. so you don’t have to go at it alone. Our honest conversations and expert insights will provide you tools, tips, and resources to build your confidence, help clarify your vision, and help you move with joy and purpose. 

The journey of self-growth and empowerment can be hard

Instead of feeling stuck, let us give you the push you need.  Feeling like your current life is not a reflection of the life you dream for yourself?  Fourward is for you. Feeling overwhelmed by your professional and/or personal life?  Your tribe is here.

Our platform empowers you through dialogue and resources on four main pillars


The average adult will have about 5-7 different careers in their lifetime. Yes, your career can be an unplanned roller-coaster; no you are not alone.  We’ll talk through choosing the ride you want to go on.


Building community enables us to understand ourselves and how our success impacts the greater good. We will explore our relationships with our communities and how to use our skills, tools, and gifts to better serve our community.


Professional and personal development are the keys to success; we’ll discuss how to leverage this aspect of adulting to open many doors.


Love. Friendship. Travel. Money. Health and wellness. We all want it all. We’ll discuss the power of creating the life you want, the joy of progress, not perfection, and so much more.

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